Castlefest Campsite

Pitch your tent!


Castlefest Camping tickets are online available during presale! It is not possible to buy your campsite tickets at the entrance. Check out this page for all our ticket options. To stay at the Castlefest Camping, you will need a Castlefanatic ticket including camping.


Check-in is possible on Thursday from 10:00 to 23:59 at the Main Entrance of the festival. From Friday onwards check-in is possible during the opening hours of the festival.

Stappen check-in:

  1. You arrive by car or by public transport at the main parking area.
  2. Walk from the main parking area to the main entrance. PLEASE NOTE: this is quite a walk! 
  3. Check-in: show your camping ticket and get a wristband and a trash bag. – If your trash bag is full during the weekend, you can get a new one at the camping reception. Let’s keep the terrain clean together!
  4. Walk to the campsite. Your wristband will be checked at the camping entrance. 
  5. Put up your tent.
  6. Enjoy the feast and have a great time!


Field Lay-out

Like last year this year we haven’t made any distinction between different camping fields. Though it will be more quiet the further away you stand from the Party Area, there is no specific quiet zone for visitors. 


There is no electricity available on the camping site. You can charge your telephone batteries at the campgrounds for a small fee.


Drinking water taps can be found near the showers. Please note that it ́s only clean water when indicated by symbols!

People with disabilities

Unfortunately, our camping fields are not suitable for people with disabilities. Not only are these fields unpaved, but there is also quite a great distance between the parking lot and the Castlefest Campsite. There will be no shuttle service between the parking lot and the camping and there are no special facilities available on our campsite. Fortunately, there are several campings in the area that are more suitable for people with disabilities. Check out this page for a list of these campings.

Cooking area

Cooking is allowed in the designated cooking area. You are only allowed to use distillers that make use of disposable gas cartridges, types C206, CV300 and CV470 plus. At the cooking area, you'll find tables and drinking water. There is no electricity. 

Party Area

At the Party Area, it is possible to party on till late. Bring along your guitar and join the party, have a beer at the bar or enjoy a late-night snack.

On Friday to Monday, there is a special breakfast service between 7:00h and 10:00h. The caterers will have a special breakfast menu especially for camping guests, so don't miss it! 

The Party Area is part of Meadow Fields, which means it will be accessible for all festival visitors during daytime. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday it will be possible to get to the festival grounds from your tent in just a couple of minutes! Please note: between 20.00h and 21.00h (on Sunday from 17.00h to 18.00h) the Party Area will be temporarily closed. You can reach the festival grounds via the main entrance from that moment onwards.

Camping Bagage Shuttle

Are you staying at the campsite? Have your baggage transported to the camping. This way you can enjoy a more relaxed walk to the camping without carrying all your stuff.


Hand in your baggage at the collection point at the visitors parking, pay the shuttle fee of €2,- and receive the colour code of your baggage shuttle. Make sure to collect your baggage within 1.5 hours. Walk at your own peace to the camping grounds or parking and upon arrival, you can collect your baggage at the corresponding colour stall.

Campsite rules

  • Guests staying at the Castlefest Festival Camping accept any limitations or discomforts that go with staying at a festival camping. Even though there will be Vana Events staff present at the camping grounds at all times, Vana Events cannot be held responsible for any damage to, theft or loss of property. Campers younger than 16 years old need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Bought on-site glass bottles and (LARP)weapons that are brought as part of your costume are not allowed at the camping. It is possible to temporarily safe-deposit these items at the camping entrance. It is NOT possible to deposit gas bottles and other camping prohibited items. 
  • In the cooking area, you are only allowed to use distillers that make use of disposable gas cartridges, types C206, CV300 and CV470 plus. Using other types of gas bottles, (disposable) barbecues or cooking outside the designated cooking area is strictly prohibited because of fire safety regulations. In extreme heat, staff may avert from this rule. 
  • Consider your neighbours. Don’t put your tent in someone else’s and try to be as quiet as possible after 23.00h. Party tents and other bigger obstacles are at the expense of sleeping tents. Vana Events staff as allowed to order you to remove your party tent. Tent sizes should correspond to the number of people staying in the tent. In other words: no army tent for only 2 people. 
  • Guide dogs need to bee recognizable as such, preferable by a harness, coat or brace. Staff may ask about a guide dog certificate. Guide dogs need to be walked outside the camping area. 
  • Litter is to be collected in the trash bags which are provided upon arrival. Full trash bags are disposed of in the designated containers. New trash bags are available at the camping reception and info stand. 
  • he camping site is divided into different zones, each of which is designated with red-and-white cordons. Tents need to be set up at the designated spots. Fire exits situated in between these zones, need to be kept clear of any items at all times. Tents blocking any fire exits will be removed by the organisation immediately. 
  • It is not possible to enter the camping grounds by car. Cars, vans, bicycles and motorcycles need to be parked at own risk at the visitors parking. Sleeping in these vehicles at the parking is prohibited.
  • There are NO special facilities (parking spots or showers) for the impaired on the camping site. Due to the large distance between the visitors parking and the camping and the quality of our camping fields, we discourage people with a physical handicap to stay at our camping.
  • Prohibited at the Castlefest camping: Open and closed fire (smoking equipment, candles, wax candles, barbecues, torches, fire-eating, free poi or other fire shows), gas bottles (with exception of types C206, CV300 plus and CV470 plus), (LARP)weapons, drugs, glass, sound systems and power generators, animals (with exception of guide dogs recognisable as such), handing out flyers, folders or any other kind of promo material and all other objects about which Vana Events staff decides on the spot.
  • The organisation reserves the right to permanently remove anyone from the camping site without reimbursement.

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