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Arthur Dreissen's Dragonfly

Kunst in metaal

Arthur Dreissen will bring his Dragonfly Sculpture to Castlefest. Although it has many similarities with a living dragonfly, you will notice a lot of fantasy characteristics. Walk around him or below him and get enchanted by its magic.

Who is Arthur?

Arthur Dreissen is a technician and artist. Technique is his basis, which gives him peace of mind. It forms a starting point gives him the confidence that all creation is possible. Space for creation, creativity; playing and allowing the imperfect, a zigzag course to something beautiful, news and ultimate.

Arthur designs, creates and makes custom work and artistic products and objects in metal. Products with a smile. He tries to think beyond the material, the usual, the traditional. Through a rational process, he wants to achieve the free, fantastic, irrational, emotional result. Craftsmanship is of great importance.

Metal is his tool. There are so many possibilities with this strong and uncompromising material. The Wow effect is his confirmation. Not only his own 'wow' response, but also that of clients and spectators: this gives the most satisfactory result. If life consists of growth and overcoming resistance then Arthur's challenge is to form this resilient material. The possibilities, especially in art, with the strength of steel fascinate him. Nature with its wealth of forms are inspiring.

In addition to commissioned work, he also like to make his own designs and exhibit them regularly on a regional level.

Craftsmanship and art combined.

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022


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