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Aviator Crew

Take a peek into the life of these Victorian time travellers

We are the Aviator Crew. A group of classic time travellers, or a messy unruly bunch? No one knows for sure, but at least something of both! We are happy to welcome you to our camp, where you can even peek into our personal quarters. 

In Victorian times, small festivals were organized where people could participate in all kinds of entertainment and games. Something we like to fall back on, but with our own “Aviator style”. Our furnished camp contains a variety of new and old-fashioned (board)games. We will gladly explain the rules to you. Challenge your party to a game, and if you lose, don't worry. Second round, new opportunities! Keep playing as long as you want. Didn't bring an opponent from home? That's no problem either. Just meet new opponents! Or challenge us, we love games! 

Anyone who does not want to play, but just wants to come over to visit us, is also very welcome. Our fully equipped camp contains plenty to see. Both the costumes, the games, and the curiosities are mostly homemade or gathered together in a variety of ways and we are always willing to tell you about them. Even our sleeping quarters are no secret and can be viewed freely. 

For all Time Travelers, large and small, we will organize a daily photo meeting. Time travellers and photographers, come along for this group photo. We participate in the Time Travel Passport as well, and you can also have your passport stamped with us.

Our Captain and his crew would like to welcome you all to our camp!

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022


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