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Barbar’O’Rhum neemt een loopje met de geschiedenis

Inspired by the Golden Age of Piracy, by the maritime legends and by the marine myths, Barbar'O'Rhum plays with the History to create its own tales. Mixing Sea Shanties-like songs, Traditional music, Celtic Punk and Folk Metal, the band sails on rough waters, exploring different kinds of music from all around the world to propose a motley sound which they call "Rock'n'Rum". Sometimes festive, sometimes dark, the crew tries to recreate the daily life of pirates, with its joys and its disappointments, in a time where the life was short and hard.

Barbar'O'Rhum was created in 2014 in Toulouse (South-West of France) by Captain Barbedrut. The band released its first album in 2016, "Toutes les Routes Mènent au Rhum" and its sophomore one in 2020, "Journal de B'O'R". The third album is currently in composition phase. It will offer a travel into a piracy universe where different periods of History intertwine. A whole new pirate story where every song is linked to the other ones.

With more than 150 concerts, Barbar'O'Rhum had the opportunity to board several French, German (Festival Mediaval, Autumn Moon and Festival Maritim), Belgian (Mast'O Poine Festival), Italian (Celtic Days) and Swiss (Festival Rock d'Arare) festivals. They are looking forward to discovering Netherlands.

For their concerts, the whole crew is dressed with clothes inspired by pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy mixed with some liberties more modern. Their stage is decorated with barrels, ropes, chest, rudder... The goal is to immersive audience into their universe. They sing only in French, their native language. It lets them have a riche, mastered and more appropriate vocabulary than in English or in other language. More than 90 % of the songs are compositions and all the lyrics are written by the band. The goal is to create their own pirate stories. The crew will tell you the time where they were able to benefit from the royal pardon, where they were out of rum on their ship, where they meet the Pirate Robin Hood in Puerto Rico, Birdy in the Mediterranean sea or the silhouette of Davy Jones among the rigging during a storm, how they fought the Kraken in the North Atlantic Ocean, the truth behind the story of Captain Hook and maybe even a love story between the daughter of the King and a pirate...

Welcome mateys aboard the Black-Headed Gull and come discover our tales!

4 August 2023
Village stage


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