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Bart Vanhee

Bart Vanhee (°1998) is a young author, who likes to walk his own way. He has been searching and finding stories in games, books, and music since childhood. His rich fantasy, combined with a passion for reading, leads to his own book when he is only 14. The ball starts rolling and in the following years Vanhee publishes four more books in different genres, ranging from poetry to thriller.

The supernatural has often a prominent role in his stories, although Vanhee doesn’t shun socially relevant themes. Thus, he often posts poems and quotes on his Instagram (@be.artv) everyday situations. Some of these poems have been selected for the award of ‘best quote/poem’ of the year.

Despite the versatility of his oeuvre, Vanhee has a weak spot for fantasy. In 2021 he releases the successful ‘The Rewritten World: The hunt for the medallion’, published by Godijn Publishing. This story gets praised for the strong worldbuilding, recognizable characters and the poetic language. Only six months later, the first printing is sold out. Only one year later the sequel ‘The Rewritten World: The broken crown’ sees the light of day. This book deepens the world and gives the story a slightly darker tone.

Besides writing, Vanhee works as a teacher Dutch and Latin in a highschool near his hometown. He also gives workshops about worldbuilding in libraries and other schools. Lastly, Vanhee likes to play badminton in his club, or to hang out with friends in a pub. At this moment Vanhee is busy writing new content.

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