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Blóð Dýr

A musical universe colored by medieval and tribal sounds

The band Blóð Dýr was born in 2019 from Tim's imagination, motivated by a desire to share a musical universe colored by medieval and tribal sounds. As a saz player and singer, he composed the first founding tracks and gave the band the necessary and vital impulse to exist. Nea, a classically trained singer searching for more authentic and visceral vibrations joined the band soon after, adding her voice, lyrics, and curiosity. Blóð Dýr began to tell stories. Dellinger, a professional percussionist, and teacher joined in 2020 adding his knowledge and creativity to the project. He brought rhythmic depth to the band. Blóð Dýr's heart began to beat and dance. Melehan, a polymorphous solo singer joined the band in 2022, bringing his energy, lyricism, and voice. Blóð Dýr began to sing.

Combining traditional and modern instruments, contrasting and mixed vocal techniques, the band proposes a journey to the heart of ancient European cultures. Guttural, diphonic, and aerial voices resonate, sing and vibrate to the sound of humanity. The songs evoke myths, natural cycles and their ancestral wisdom. Music from the edges of the world, it invites us to reconnect with our own instincts.

In 2022, the band performed in France and spread its wings in the hope of sharing its stories and its musical universe with the world. Blóð Dýr proposes an EP in the first quarter of 2023, a first taste of the album in preparation. The band works with independent graphic artists and photographers who share their creative and ethical vision.

4 August 2023
Village stage


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