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De Groene Godin

Welcome at The Green Goddess. This year we Wim and Paula will provide a number of lovely workshops for you. Join us at our place for a lovely reading or just sit and rest for a while.

Come and find your fire and passion at a fine didgeridoo sound meditation, provided by Wim. Go on a Journey into your inner world, guided by the earthly sound of the didgeridoo. Return from that journey in the present well rested and relaxed with what you have found. The meditation will be guided by Wim, Many years Wim gives workshops and lessons so come and enjoy!

Like to work on your crafting skills? Paula is giving wonderful workshops in making a nice herb pouch or a witches cord.

Paula is a witch, living in Haarlem. Her roots in the Celtic pantheon. Co-host of the witches cafe Haarlem. And also an aura & chakra healer and reader.

6 August 2021

7 August 2021

8 August 2021


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