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De Heks en de Krijger

Honouring everything that lives

Home base of “De Heks en De Krijger” (The Witch and The Warrior) is a pagan refuge in Zutphen, where equivalence in all aspects is leading, as is respect and value for everything that lives.

Peter and Ingeborg are the founders and this year joined by more team members. At the Heathen Gang you can join “The Order Of The Bear”, “Magic Live” or pass by for a Pentalogy interpretation.

Program De Heks en De Krijger

13:00h “Workshop Magic Life”

Enjoy the magic of life and feel the wonders of life through your senses.
A workshop with meditation and a small ritual.

15:00h “The Order of the Bear”

Only for Men Together we search for the depth of our manhood.
It’s not about talking or who is the strongest, but about the things that move you.
Things men don’t talk about, we share. And not only with words!

On request: Pentalogy

Get to know this form of numerology around the pentagram, the five-pointed star
The numbers of your date of birth contain an interesting load of information about you: what about your talents and challenges and much more…

6 August 2021

7 August 2021

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