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De Negen Werelden

In the footsteps of our ancestors

De Negen Werelden (the Nine Worlds) is an enthusiastic group of heathens who, as an asatru-union, has the aim to provide a safe haven to asatruar and to those who are interested in Asatru.

In asatru we honour the gods, spirits, ancestors and other creatures of our pre-Christian Germanic belief. We do this by holding rituals and celebrations, giving interviews, workshops and explanations and being a contact site for every interested party. By doing so, we give contemporary substance to this ancient but very much alive belief; a current, everyday asatru that does justice to gods and ancestors, to us and our time. 

At Castlefest visitors can get acquainted with our present-day asatru. We offer various workshops and rituals. Come and visit our booth for a fun conversation, information, rune interpretation, participation in one of our activities, or, perhaps, a sip of mead.

6 August 2021

7 August 2021

8 August 2021


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