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De Sprookspreker

bringing his case full of stories

Sprookspreker is a medieval dutch word for fairy tailer. In the middle ages, a Sprookspreker was a travelling performer, telling his stories at fairs and in castles.

The Sprookspreker tells tales and legends from ancient times. He opens the gate to forgotten worlds, in which heroes depart on their quests. He carries a fairy tale case, from which he takes objects that each represent a different story.  

The Sprookspreker also tells interactive improvised stories. His fairy tale case will be filled with objects by the audience. The Sprookspreker uses these objects to tell a story that doesn’t exist yet. The results will be surprising to everyone, including the storyteller. The stories are only in Dutch. 

As a storyteller, the sprookspreker is a regular at Castlefest. He often tells his medieval tales of King Arthur or Charlemagne. The story How Roland became a knight, his version of the Chanson de Roland with medieval sound effects, featured the online Castlefest home edition. This was the sprookspreker’s first performance in English ever.

The tales of the sprookspreker are suitable for all ages and in Dutch. A tale takes about 30 minutes.

5 August 2022

6 August 2022


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