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Evi F. Verhasselt

After Evi. F. Verhasselt (1977) at twelve years old had finished reading every book in the youth library, she decided it was time for her to trust her own imagination to paper. But it took until December 2004 before she, under the pseudonym Fiona, sent her first short story “Morning in Town” into the world.

Evi lives in Antwerp and when her head is not in the clouds she tries to bake tasty cupcakes, play the Harry Potter theme song on the piano forte and wander around on Fantasy festival grounds under the guise of doing research.

On 27 October 2013 Celtica Publishing issued De Tranen van Tataneh, Evi’s first completed fantasy novel. In this book she succeeds in gluing the reader to the story in a inimitable way. Once you start reading there is just one thing you can do: finish it in one go! Evi effortlessly changes between humour and profundity in a deliciously swift pace.

Momentarily Evi is writing the fantasy epos De Laatste Erfgenaam (The Last Heir). The first book, De Saffieren Troon, was published at the end of july 2016. It takes the reader on Eleanora’s journey through Du’var-dai. In it, present and past gets tangled into an intricate web. Where did the Ancients come from? Why did they leave their thrones behind? And is Eleanora really the knot that ties history with the present? It is the first step in an intriguing search for answers, right across wars and culture differences laced with magic, love and impotence.

At the end of October 2019 De Smaragden Troon was issued, the thrilling second book in the series De Laatste Erfgenaam, which will probably cover six books.

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