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Een muzikale reis naar tijden en tradities van weleer

The culture, history, traditions, and melancholic landscapes of the rural parts of central Sweden is the main elements within the musical universe of Forndom. Through the sounds of classical instruments and ambient choirs, L. Swärd takes us back on a musical journey to times and traditions of old. The melancholic expression and use of traditional instruments and chants, brings the listener back to the origins of the old Scandinavian philosophy and religion; A time when man lived side by side with death and the rhythm of nature.

As nearly three years has passed since the release of the critically acclaimed Faþir, Forndom is about to return with its female counterpart; An album of longing, the unknown, of love, of female energies, and of the nature that nurtures us all from birth to death and beyond. The performance at Castlefest will be the first time the album is premiered and performed in full – later to be released in the autumn of 2023 via Nordvis Produktion.

4 August 2023
Village stage


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