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Heathen Gang - intro

Strength from within

At the Heathen Gang 2021 is all about Lammas, Summer, Fire, Passion and strength from within, your being. 
This is what connects us: within the elements, the sun connecting with the moon. The mystery connecting us humans with it all.

We cannot wait to welcome you with once again an amazing program. We have all sorts of workshops, rituals, drum circles and so much more. We love to meet you in our pagan village, together we will celebrate life. 

You can find the Heathen Gang at the same spot as 2019, connected through the trees.

Feel welcome!

Opening ceremony and Drum circle

Every day at 11.00h we will start with an opening ceremony and at 15.00h the Heathen Gang members are hosting a beautiful drum circle. Every day will be led by a different group with a different theme.

We regard the Heathen Gang grounds as a little village that comes together every day to celebrate life and to seek connection with joy and love. Feel the rhythm of the drum as the beating of your heart and let it move you, running and spreading through your veins. Want to experience it as well? Come and join us, dance along and follow the rhythm. 

Opening ceremony
Friday: Gabslichthuis
Saturday: Centrum Innerpeace
Sunday: De Negen werelden

Drum circle
Friday: Margo Awanata
Saturday: Centrum Innerpeace
Sunday: The Pagan Lady

6 August 2021

7 August 2021

8 August 2021

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