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Jaco Koster

Jacco's bagpipe music takes you on a journey to the Scottish Highlands and beyond.

A long time ago the Scots brought their wonderful music to our humble country and introduced us to the Great Highland Bagpipe. Though they left again, the bagpipe was there to stay. These days, there are many ceremonies, events, festivals and bands that employ at least one piper to spice things up, to give the music that special flavour, otherwise only tasted in the Highlands of Scotland.

With the Scottish Bagpipe, Jaco Koster will keep you entertained as you wander about the festival. Whether he’s standing still or marching around, he will always joyfully play his set of Highland Pipes. The music changes throughout the performance; from beautiful and touching slow airs to exciting jigs and reels, some of which might even be familiar to the careful listener. The music takes you on a journey to the Scottish Highlands and beyond.

Jaco started his journey on the pipes in 2009 when he met the band ‘Friends of the Pipes’. Having always had a passion for bagpipe music, but never a way to properly learn it, he gave it his all and even took a break from his studies to master this complicated and difficult instrument. Within ten months he went from playing on a practice chanter to marching along with the band and playing on the pipes.

In the years that followed, he didn’t slow his pace. By 2013 his teachers said there was nothing for him to learn from them, so he made his way to Scotland to learn from the real masters there. He visited the College of Piping in Glasgow regularly and got several degrees, while also teaching students in his band back home. Since 2016, he has played as a solo performer for his own company, Doedelzakmuziek Noordwest-Veluwe (named after the green, highland-like heather area in which he lives). In 2018 he also became the Pipe Major for the band, up until 2020 when the band became one of the many casualties of the pandemic. Despite this setback, he still plays on, and he is happy to be back at Castlefest this year! He’s always eager to pass along his knowledge of the Scottish pipes and culture to those who are interested, and you are more than welcome to sit down (or dance!) and enjoy the many tunes he plays. You will not regret stopping by to listen to this!

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022


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