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Jesse van Willigenburg

Jesse van Willigenburg (1993) has been in love with video games ever since he was little. Later, he also developed a love for writing fantasy stories. Nowadays, you will most likely find him behind his computer doing either of the two. With a trilogy to his name and several projects in production, many a fantasy fan would do well to keep an eye on this writer.

Jesse was always looking for his place in this world, but came to the conclusion you can make one for yourself, as well. Due to his mild autism (Asperger’s Syndrome) he might seem quiet or distant. When he feels comfortable enough to get out of his shell, you might find he’s actually a pretty chill guy. While he prefers writing fantasy, he’s also drawn to trying his hand at other genres in the future, like sciencefiction, for example.

The world of Mianara is his attempt to give the negative things in life -as well as the positive ones!- a place. Wheer our world is bound by rules and the laws of nature, the fantastical genre offers a way of reinventing those. The short movies in his head often find their way to paper and come to life in the Jesse way. The smallest details, or lack thereof, stand out and contribute to the story. That way, he manages to create an interesting world time and time again, and drag you along in the tension.

Jesse will be at Castlefest for the entirety of Saturday to release his third book: Mianara, part 3 – Retribution. Feel free to drop by the Godijn Publishing stall for a chat, an autograph, a big hug or a combination of the three!

6 August 2022

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