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Katja Moslehner

Born into a family who have worked for generations in the theatre, Katja Moslehner’s first artistic experiences came early in life. Her family have worked for generations in theatre design, painting, theatre painting, sculpture, costume and the like. Since the beginning of school, she sang in the school choir and started her classic basic training in high school. Her very first CD was the music of Hildegard von Bingen and thus began her love of old music and their eras.

After high school she studied Indology and Religious-Science in Leipzig Classical Indian Music. There upon she decided to a six-month trip to India, studied Classical Indian Ragasinging and made many musical experiences with musicians from around the world. She traveled to Hawaii, Southern and Eastern Europe and encountered and enjoyed an enormous variety of traditional music. After her travels, she moved to Berlin and founded a musical and theatrical artistry group with friends, working with various musical and artistic experiences. In the 7 years the group played together, they recorded an album and went with their own music and theatre productions.

From 2013 till 2017 she sang in the group FAUN and played with the group at numerous festivals and concerts both at home and abroad. In the course of their cooperation with the acclaimed group Santiano she was invited to guest appearances, including in the sold out O2 World Arena in front of 15.000 spectators. She gave numerous performances on radio and television such as Carmen Nebel Jubiläumsshow before 6 million viewers and the German finals for the ESC.

She is currently working on charity projects for "Friedensdorf" which are taking care for wounded children in war zones. The project is called Reinhard Mey & friends „Meine Söhne geb`ich nicht“

2021 she released her first solo album „Am Weltenrand“ on her own label. She invited wonderful musicians to join her music which she produced together with Fieke van den Hurk in the Dear World Studio in Hilversum. This resulted in a wonderful album filled with mesmerizing folk songs with a hint of old music.

In her artistic career Katja has collaborated with many artists and groups such as: Santiano, Subway to Sally, Corvus Corax, In Extremo, Efren Lopez, Maya Fridman, Erik Manouz, Versengold, Triskilian, Krayenzeit Serenity and many more

Now it's time for Katja to enchant Castlefest. Will you come and listen?

5 August 2022
Meadow stage

7 August 2022
Village stage


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