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Kultura Catering

Kultura is back with multiple stands. Enjoy your Slingerchips and the savoury snacks from Grab 'n Bite from Thursday on. On Friday, you can start your day with a nice cup of coffee at our Slingerkoffie stand.


The cozy coffee stand! Grind your own beans and enjoy a delicious bowl of black gold. In addition, you can also come to us for fresh tea, home-made iced tea and iced coffee. So come and visit us!


Delicious traditionally prepared, freshly baked ‘slingerchips’. This crispy delicacy is made from fresh potatoes and baked on the spot. In 2 delicious flavors (salt and spice mix) and with a wide selection of the tastiest sauces. The Slingerchips are also vegan!

Grab ‘n Bite 

Enjoy delicious onion rings, grilled vegetables, mushrooms and wedges at the Grab 'n Bite! Until the late hours you can go here for the big, small and tasty appetite.

4 August 2022

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022

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