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La Maisnie Hellequin

A band of little spirits armed with strange instruments

"La Maisnie Hellequin" in medieval and traditional legends refers to a band of little spirits, led by Hellequin, making terrible noise all through the night...

The musicians of La Maisnie Hellequin play around this theme, making musical parades, to create a special atmosphere through the strange sounds of hurdy-gurdy, Bruegelian bagpipe, nyckelharpa and medieval drums, inspired by the legendary world.

Just like in previous years, the band loves to be among people. So you will find them at Meadow Stage and Village Stage, but you may come across them anywhere on the grounds on any of the four festival days!
Keep your eyes and ears open to find them.

On April 16th 2022, they release their newest album!

5 August 2022
Meadow stage

7 August 2022
Village stage


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