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Lezing: de moderne Priesteres

Long ago, Priestesses served the spiritual needs of their community. They knew how to work with the rhythm of nature and the cycle of the earth. They were the voice and embodiment of the Goddess and led rituals to seek the favor of fertility from the great mother.

The Priestess was held in high esteem by the people and was treated with respect and reverence. The world changed and the work of the Priestess was slowly but surely demonized and as Christianity took up more space, the Priestess disappeared from view. But her wisdom and knowledge have not been forgotten.

And now, in these modern times, you see her coming back. The Priestess reappears and takes with her ancient wisdom. Sometimes passed on from mother to daughter or from teacher to student, but also the ancient living wisdom that she seems to find deep in her bones. Wisdom that the earth seems to whisper to her. Her work has changed over time but the essence is the same. She is the voice and embodiment of the almost forgotten divine feminine.

During this lecture, Margo Awanata will take you on the path of the Priestess. She lets you take a look at the life of Priestesses of the 20th century. You enter a world of magic, sisterhood, elements and rituals to end with a water ceremony for mother earth.

5 August 2022

Castlefest Academy
16.30 - 17.30h


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