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Pure, fragile and powerful

Loogaroo is the result of 2 musicians who have been on stage together for more than 10 years. Having been at the helm of several groups, all dancing at the crossroads between folk and other genres, Florian De Schepper and Pablo Golder are happy to introduce themselves to you in their purest, most fragile, but also most powerful version; the duo.

It took several years before the two musicians decided to embark on the Loogaroo adventure, and what has emerged is a project of great musical maturity. Despite the fact that one musician graduated from the classical conservatory while the other has no notion of written music, both have learned to build a broad common musical connection between the wild melodies of Pablo's accordion and the surprising harmonic choices of Florian's guitar. Together with the space they leave to improvise, this allows the duo to create a new sound in Belgian folk.

In summer 2022, their first album "Nautilus" was released by Trad Records, with a series of concerts in Belgium and the Netherlands in autumn 2022. In January 2023, Loogaroo nominated for 'Best Album' at the Folk Awards, organised by the Flanders Folk Network.

Loogaroo consists of:

  • Pablo Golder: diatonic accordion
    Florian De Schepper: acoustic guitar

4 August 2023
Meadow stage


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