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Meidi Goh

Her love of magic, dancing tunes and ballads are infused into her music

Meidi Goh is a folk musician who draws her inspiration from fairytales, Elizabethan music and Celtic and Scandinavian folk. She plays sprightly and lilting melodies on her seven stringed bass viol and violin, to which you can heartily dance balfolk, as well as listen for the enjoyment of the stories and poetry in the songs. In the playing of this music, which comes straight from the heart, she is joined by a group of first class fellow folk musicians on string instruments. 
Next to performing with storytellers and playing with bands like Imbue, Gwendolyn Snowdon and AmmA, Meidi infuses her love of magic, dancing tunes and ballads into her own songs, which she will be presenting to you at Castlefest with a full band. Performing with her in her guest band "Heartstrings" are: Tim Elfring, Lies Sommer, Hester de Boer, Heleen de Jonge and Hanna van Gorcum.

6 August 2021
Village stage


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