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Mila Mar

The real world connects with your soul

We stand for ultimative world peace.
We prefer things colorful.
We steadfastly, do not believe in god, but in personal responsibility and life.
That’s why we have kids. We demand: Protect our children.
We do not believe in capitalism. Our ideals are those of solidarity.
We yearn for a connection with people, animals and plants.
We love trees and punk.
We believe in music. Music may be gifted, but not stolen.
Music thrives in material freedom - war, hate, fascism, violence, racism,
malevolence envy and solitude - we reject.

Mila Mar is universally fantastic. With their own language, driving rhythms, and orchestral melancholic performance, they create an unmistakable sound that suggests that the Arctic Ocean is in the Orient.

Oriental synthesizer sounds, African djembes, strings, drums & the impressive four-octave vocals by Hachfeld tell archaic stories - soulful & without any understandable words. Harar is the name of Mila Mar's latest album, their sixth in 25 years. The usual era in popular culture does not apply to this band, which has never met contemporary style expectations, but has created its own sound universe. The songs dance between times, between languages, and between worlds. They're full of surreal beauty. Everyone has come to hear the music, nobody is talking, an exception at concerts. Instead, we cry, smile, move gently to the melancholy pieces and dance to the euphoric mood. ... with the music, the intangible begins, everything is left to the thinking and feelings of the viewer/listener. For one and a half hours, the real world connects with the soul of each listener, narrowness and breath, heights and abysses.

5 August 2023
Forest stage


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