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Mila Mar

Visit a sound universe full of archaic stories and surreal beauty

MILA MAR is universally fantastic. With their own language, driving rhythms, and orchestral melancholic performance, they create an unmistakable sound that suggests that the Arctic Ocean is in the Orient.

Oriental synthesizer sounds, African djembes, strings, drums & the impressive four-octave vocals by Hachfeld tell archaic stories - soulful & without any understandable words.

"Harar" is the name of Mila Mar's new album, their sixth in 25 years. The usual era in popular culture does not apply to this band, which has never met contemporary style expectations, but has created its own sound universe. Music between times, between languages, between worlds. Music full of surreal beauty.

The music of Mila Mars still awakens this magical, solemn fascination. It moves, accompanied by mostly monotonously recurring dark percussion, between sometimes minimalist and then opulent arrangements, on which the supporting, almost supernatural appearing vocals of Hachfeld spread like a veil, to slowly swing to dizzying heights.

1 August 2020
Forest stage

2 August 2020
Village stage


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