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Nanda van Eck

Nanda Kooijman-van Eck writes under the name ECKOO and lives in Oosterhout (North Brabant). She has always been fascinated by language, fantasy and creative ideas. However, she never thought that she would become a writer.

At first, she didn't know what to do with the story that was haunting her. As time passed, the urge to write it down became more intense. She had no idea where it would lead, it had to go out! She starts to put the fragments, which she received from the character Lena, down to paper and slowly the whole story unfolded. It turns out to be a trilogy: a story set in the future about five unique teenagers (the BIG5) with remarkable talents, who have to find each other to stop four disasters.

And so a writer was born. Nanda had already learned how to write professionally in the law firm where she has been working for more than twenty years, but she suddenly had to learn how to tell a story with the right techniques and writing style. So, the story was already there before the writer arrived!

Nanda feels that there is an important mission behind her trilogy: to show young people how special they are, that they have a unique contribution to make and that they must work together to face major challenges around the world and bring them to a successful conclusion. Various social themes such as bullying, insecurity and the climate change problem, but also complex relationships, deeper meaning and female leadership are not shunned. The first part of the BIG5 trilogy "The Powerful Clay Tablet" was launched on 14 May 2022 (genre: young adult/fantasy).

When Nanda is not writing she likes to spend time with her family. She is very proud of her two daughters and also crazy about her talking budgie and naughty pony. She gets relaxed by being with friends and family, reading a book, or going for a long walk in nature. She loves animals.

This will be Nanda's first Castlefest. Would you like to meet her? She will be present on Friday 5 August and you can find her at the stand of Godijn Publishing.

The BIG5: five talents, four disasters, one mission!

5 August 2022

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