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an audiovisual show of mystical power and magical potential

Nebala is founded by Jonas Lorentzen who is a Danish musician and songwriter known for his work as vocalist in the Neo Nordic folk Band Heilung and for his work on and appearance in, the Viking Epic movie The Northman by Hollywood rising star director Robert Eggers. 

In 2019, After having been involved with Heilung for two years Jonas decided it was time to focus on his own expression in the field of reimagining Nordic folkloric and spiritually driven music. The result was Nebala, spearheaded by Jonas Lorentzen, but assisted and graced by powerful talents such as Sebastian Gainsborough(Vessel, the Northman, Manchester collective), Kjell Braaten(Wardruna, Origami Galaktika), and also Dr. Mathias Nordvig (Professor of Pre-Christian Religion at CU Boulder) and Philosopher Naina Gupta (University of Kingston), assisting in the conceptual development 

“All music, when done with full attention and passion, is in some sense spiritual, for the simple reason that it brings both the practitioner and the listener firmly into the now, however there are ancient styles of music from all over the world that directly focuses on this element, and it comes with a sometimes even frightening power, which continues to fascinate me to this day.” - Jonas Lorentzen. 

The live show at Castlefest 2022 will be Nebala’s first appearance on stage. The band consist of Sardinian vocalist Ilaria Orifice, Danish vocalist Christian Lorentzen, Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Kjell Braaten, Spanish multi-instrumentalist Carlos Murillo(VISY), Dutch drummer and percussionist Rob Van Barschot, American extreme vocalist Josh Rood and Jonas Lorentzen. 

Together with Dutch Light artists Beeldjutters, Nebala will perform an Audio/visual show of mystical power and magical potential. 

We’re extremely grateful to Castlefest for giving us this opportunity, to give the audience the full force of the experience we’ve dreamed of creating.” 

6 August 2022
Forest stage

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