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A circle, a dance, a sound of gold

"Oro" is a term from Southeastern Europe and means "dance". In Italian, it stands for gold. Owing it to their enchanting voices, driving rhythms and passionate dance, the charismatic musicians and dancers of ORO captivate the audience. Their voices as clear as a bell, Jule Bauer and Christine Hübner interweave them in perfect harmony into a spherical vocal web while playing with gracious ease on unusual instruments such as nyckelharpa, tzouras, darabuka and davul. With great virtuosity, Michael Bingler paints melodic landscapes of incredible richness with clarinet, bagpipes and flutes. His expressive performance is supported by sparkling sound textures provided by Reiner Jungmann on cittern and hurdy gurdy. In addition, dancer Mirimah spirals and whirls vivaciously and passionately, her skillfull movements full of grace and sensuality.

With an infectious zest for life ORO knows how to make the musical pearls of different cultures shine. Sephardic romances and ottoman tunes meet dance music from the Balkans - a musical bridge between the orient and the occident, made tangible through breathtaking musicality and a rousing dance performance. Music and dance merge into fireworks for all the senses.

5 August 2021
Meadow stage

6 August 2021
Meadow stage


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