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Prehistory Alive Worldwide

Get in touch with our ancestors from the Stone age!

Prehistory Alive Worldwide (PAW) sets up their late- mesolithic camp and takes you back to the hunter-gatherers. How did they make fire, tan hides, cook or make tools? PAW will show you with stories, demonstrations and activities how they think it looked like around +- 7.000 years ago

PAW organises and teaches (school)lessons, living history/entertainment at events and workshops about old crafts Since august 2016. They work together with experts from the Netherlands and abroad. You can talk to them about topics such as leather tanning, flint knapping, basket weaving, making nets and much more. They will also bring some trading goods; handmade items with a prehistoric touch!

Ease up life’s pace, and make contact with yourself, nature and our ancestors.. that’s what PAW wishes for us all. Working with your hands, and showing how things are made and done by our ancestors, is extremely important. PAW hopes to give more insight to Young and old by letting them experience how much time and effort goes into crafting.

So, feel welcome to just rest on a deerskin, be active by making fire or have a chat!

4 August 2023

5 August 2023

6 August 2023


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