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Rapalje Celtic Folk Music is a name that has been synonymous with stirring folk, sensitive ballads and funny chaos for more than 27 years. From intimate theater concerts in the Netherlands to large club tours in Brazil and everything in between.

Dressed in a kilt and provided with a good sense of humor, the band has become an integral part of the folk scene. They play both traditionals and original songs and are known for making every performance a special experience.

This year Rapalje will be at our festival for no less than two days. On Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy their music, where they undoubtedly have special surprises in store. No performance is the same and certainly not when they get to come home to Castlefest.

In addition, on Sunday there will be a Q&A with William, Maceàl and David at the Castlefest Academy. Here you can ask the band any questions you have. For example, ask them about their biggest sources of inspiration, what they have done in the past two years, what their favorite food is or which Netflix series they prefer to watch. Everyone who has met Rapalje knows that you can ask them the craziest things and they will always give you an honest answer.

Perhaps you don't have a question, but rather a special anecdote or memory of Rapalje that you would like to tell the gentlemen. For example, what does their music do to you? Are there certain songs that helped you through difficult times or did you start playing a certain instrument yourself because you got inspired after a performance? You can also share that during this Q&A. Don't miss this guaranteed chaotic, but fun, Q&A session and add this special experience to your Castlefest memories.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday between 12:30 and 13:30h at the Castlefest Academy: be easy and free.

7 August 2022

Castlefest Academy
12.30 - 12.30h

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