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Reliquiae is in for some serious rocking! Their music has a base in the German phenomenon of „Mittelalterrock“, or Medieval rock/metal, combined with other ingredients to make up the particular mixture. Bagpipes, shawms, violin, hurdy-gurdy and the like fuse up with heavy guitar riffs and powerful German vocals.

The band was founded in 2009 and, since then, kept evolving. The music became heavier and began including electric instruments, the lyrics became more profound and elaborate. Their stirring shows even feature pyrotechnical effects nowadays. Reliquiae established a solid foothold in their genre and has been playing at major metal festivals like  Wacken Open Air and Summer Breeze Open Air. They even began to venture out of Germany and bring the powerful spirit of their music to Switzerland and Italy. 

After the past couple of years, the septet is eager to re-enter stages. In 2022, they played Wacken Open Air for the fourth time and released their “best of”-album Gestrichen performed by lead singer Bastus, accompanied by a classical quartet. Based on their past success, Reliquaie will continue to rock the stages of Europe in 2023, including our Castlefest stage, and aim on inspiring as many music-loving crowds as possible.

6 August 2023
Forest stage


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