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Rob's GUDA show

The GUDA Drum takes center stage!

Rob van Barschot is a drummer and percussionist from the Netherlands. Since his first show at Castlefest in 2011, he has become a familiar face on our stages. Het has played there with bands like Nebala, ThunderCrow, OMNIA and EUZEN and his workshops have always been a hit. Those workshops have always been about the GUDA drum. The GUDA drum is a hybrid between a handpan and a tongue drum.

Now, Rob has has written a complete album with a central role for the GUDA drum. By making the GUDA drum and percussion the main parts of his music, a new mix of styles has emerged. You’ll hear elements of Folk, Latin, Afro, Ambient, Dance and other styles. Each song is a refreshing combination of different traditions. During his musical journeys Rob has met many unique musicians who will be present on the album. A few of these musicians will come an support him during this show.

The whole concept has begun as a cooperation with Zen Percussion from Kharkov, Ukraine. They build the GUDA drums for Rob, and as the dutch ambassador Rob promotes the drums in several ways. So don’t hesitate to ask questions about the drums after the show, or just buy the new album :-)

3 August 2023
Village stage


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