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Tamara Geraeds

Tamara Geraeds (1981) was only six years old when she wrote her first poem. When she was fifteen, she started writing her first (children’s) book Achtervolgd door de Dood (Chased by Death), which she published herself in 2005.
For years she kept dreaming of a career as a writer and in 2011 that dream came true. Karakter Publishers published her short story 11 November in Bergen Bloedt (Bergen Bleeds), a collection of short summer thrillers.
The following year she landed a contract with the renowned Dutch children’s books publisher Kluitman, that published her début Nergens (Nowhere) in 2012.
Several Dutch children’s and YA books followed, with different publishers, and her first book for adults was published in 2017. In 2018 she also wrote her first English book, book 1 in the (now finished) series Cards of Death.

Since 2011 Tamara runs her own business, teaching English, Dutch and writing, and editing for several publishers. Recently her 20th book was presented.

Tamara loves to play with a mixture of fantasy and reality in her books. She also likes to make her readers think about worldly matters and therefore implements important messages into her stories. Her books are full of action and tension, and are written in a laid-back style. Easy to read, hard to forget.

Bibliography – Dutch:
Nergens (fantasy, 12+ - no longer available)
Jasper (fantasy, 15+)
Tegenwereld (fantasy short story, 15+)
Christopher Plum en het zwaard der wanhoop (fantasy, 9-12)
Christopher Plum en het oog der verschrikkingen (fantasy, 9-12)
Christopher Plum en de woeste waterstaf (fantasy, 9-12)
Christopher Plum en de werelddraaier (fantasy, 9-12)
Echo (thriller for adults, true story)
Kwelling (thriller for adults)
Woede (thriller for adults, ebook only)

Bibliography – English:

The Cards of Death series (fantasy, 15+/YA):
The First Demon
The Second Premonition
The Third Sin
The Fourth Soul
The Fifth Portal
The Sixth Ghost
The Seventh Crow
The Eighth Mage
The Ninth Angel

The Soul Jumper series (short stories, fantasy, 15+/YA)
Force of the Kraken
House of Decay
Flames of Fury
Fog of Deception
Demon of the Shadow
Rage of the Siren
Curse of the Coven
Wrath of the Gargoyle
Tree of Terror
Mask of Mutation

(available as ebooks or the full collection in 2 paperbacks)

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7 August 2022


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