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The sound of feminine spirit, soul and strength

Once we were nameless,
but our hearts were already beating as one.

Throughout history women have gathered in groups of various sizes - if necessary in secret. They shared their knowledge, love, ancient wisdom and celebrate womanhood. Within their circle they created a safe space to share stories and mysteries, to provide each other with strength and warmth.

The power of women had to endure a lot, and over the course of history it has moved towards the background more and more, making it difficult for women to relate, to find their place in the world, to understand what it means to be a woman.
What it means to embrace being a woman, to trust.

Earth needs us. Now more than ever.

TVINNA is our answer.
We bring the sound of feminine spirit, soul and strength - also remembering others of this ancient power. With this, we are part of a change
along with many other companions.

The three of us are a circle, a community, a gathering.
We’ve woven the threads women have started to spun centuries ago.
We’ve woven them into waveforms - the shape of music.
By using the pureness of the voice and the sonic world that music creates, we set out to resurrect, to heal and to awaken what has been made to slumber.

With our music we unleash this female force within everyone of us - to strengthen and to comfort whoever is willing to feel and receive it, whoever is in need.

We no longer hide.
We are one in the dark. WE ARE TVINNA.

1 August 2020
Forest stage


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