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Twigs & Twine

Folkpop filled with foreign languages and strange instruments

Twigs & Twine started as an excuse for a group of friends and classmates to get together and make music. It started with covers at first, but quickly writing, sharing and playing their own songs became the focus. The band has now grown into a serious group with a steadily growing repertoire - but still, just a group of friends who likes to make music together! 

The band loves to incorporate all kinds of foreign languages (such as Latin, Old Irish and Middle English), and play all kinds of strange instruments: the stranger the combination, the better! Influences from Irish and Scottish folk music have been present since the start and even though it’s almost a decade later now, those can still be heard. You find it in the choice of instruments (bodhrán, whistles) and the subject matter of their songs (Báidín Fheilimí, the evacuation of St. Kilda). 

Twigs & Twine also takes a lot of inspiration from old literature and manuscripts, history, nature and their own experiences. To the band, it doesn’t matter all that much where exactly a topic comes from, as long as it can become a dramatic song.

The band members of Twigs & Twine like to describe their sound as “folk-pop”, but others have in the past also used terms like indie-folk and even cabaret. They themselves think it is because they can never resist the temptation to present our music with a healthy dose of humour (even if the songs are really about death and misery). They feel the most important thing is having fun making music with each other, and everything else will fall into place.

Twigs & Twine thinks their music is best enjoyed when listeners can let themselves be transported to other
times and places as if they are sitting around a great campfire listening to stories being exchanged. Come see them on Saturday!

7 August 2021
Meadow stage


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