Castlefest 2023

In 2021 and 2022 we've been working hard towards a new possibility to bring Castlefest to you. We've joined forces with various platforms and artists to make sure we can bring the Castlefest vibe into your homes and pull you into our beloved world.

Almost all our events are connected to the pagan festivals. Keltfest is based on Beltaine, Castlefest takes place around Lughnasadh and the Castlefest Winter Edition is linked to Yule. The Wheel of the Year therefore has a special connection with Vana Events and for this reason it is only logical to continue this connection for our new live events. Therefore we hosted two virtual events in 2021: Ostara and Litha. This path will be continued during Castlefest in the summer. We think it is of great importance to keep Castlefest accessible for everyone and Ostara and Litha made good test cases for a new virtual environment. 

We worked hard behind the scenes to create a fantastic virtual environment where you can party along from home.

Celebrate Castlefest with us
Step into the world of Castlefest from your home and enjoy our festival live. You can experience all shows from every stage virtually. Just watched an awesome band at Forest Stage and now really keen on seeing that one band that's playing Village Stage? No problem, you can switch channels and watch every stage. The main stream also provides you with all ins and outs live from the festival grounds and we will take you backstage! Experience Castlefest Live from your comfy chair. 

Tickets will be available through our ticket page.
The link to the live event will be provided at a later time.

We're looking forward to celebrating with you!

Join the livestream via this button:

Castlefest Live