Celebrate with us!

In 2020 we were barely able to celebrate together. It was quiet at the festival grounds. 2021 also started with a cancellation: our dear event Keltfest. Therefore we think it's time for a change, time for connection, time for being and celebrating together. Celebrate with us during our online live events.

Behind the scenes we've been working hard towards a new possibility to bring Castlefest to you. We've joined forces with various platforms and artists to make sure we can bring the Castlefest vibe into your homes and pull you into our beloved world.

Almost all our events are connected to the pagan festivals. Keltfest is based on Beltaine, Castlefest takes place around Lughnasadh and the Castlefest Winter Edition is linked to Yule. The Wheel of the Year therefore has a special connection with Vana Events and for this reason it is only logical to continue this connection for our new live events.

Celebrate Litha with us
After Ostara, we will host our second first online live event on June 20th: Litha. We invite you all to celebrate with us. The livestream starts at 19.00h (CET) but you are most welcome to visit our chat from 18.00h (CET) onwards. We invited several interesting guests and will reveal more on the program soon. 

Access to our livestream can be obtained by buying a ticket
The live event can be visited through this link
We are looking forward to share the Castlefest vibes with you in these dark times. See you June 20th! 

Celebrate Litha with us on
Sunday June 20th 2021
Opens: 18.00h (CET)
Starts: 19.00h (CET)