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Healingtent: Sanna van Bentveld

Een krachtige kans, weer terug in balans

Shamanic healing & reading by Sanna van Bentveld

Shamanic healing

During a Shamanic healing, I make contact with the body through my hands and I feel on all kinds of layers where the energy flows or is blocked. Stress, sadness and pain can cause the energy in the body to no longer flow properly, causing blockages. A healing can help with fatigue, headache, back pain, sleeping problems, burnout and promote your overall well-being. During a session or treatment, it becomes clear what you need and can handle at that time. Through stroking movements, I remove what does not belong in the body and the aura. Cleaning (special shamanic blowing) creates more space in the system.

I work with light energy, which releases blockages in the right vibration and intensity. Often it gives lightness, the self-healing capacity is activated. This leads to inner strength! I notice that people start to shine again after the treatment and experience more peace.

Experience shows that Shamanic healing and clarity have a very healing effect. Know that everything happens in Love, compassion and equality. There is a lot of respect and knowing who and what you are. A healing session guarantees a deep flow in your system.

You will feel back in balance again!


A reading is nothing more than communicating with that part of you that has all the wisdom for your life. I open myself up for a reading and I make contact with angels / guides where I receive messages about what is going on in your life at that moment.

These messages work in the form of words, sentences and images that I put on paper. In this way the total picture of body and mind becomes complete. This gives the meaning of your life path more room. It provides insight into your specific question or problem.

6 augustus 2021

7 augustus 2021

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