Castlefest 2023 Program booklet

We proudly present the program booklet of Castlefest 2023. Here you'll find the complete programme, time schedules, the market and all caterers and their locations. Just like before, we offer the booklets in different ways: the ‘regular’ versions and a version that costs less ink to print yourself, in both Dutch and English.

Three versions of the same program 

We feel it's important as a festival to minimize our footprint as much as possible. Together with you, we've thanked Mother Earth many times for what she gives you and look for ways to respect and thank her. Every year we evaluate how we can improve in terms of sustainability and lessen our waste flows. 

Last year, we saw that offering both printed and digital booklets had a positive effect. We found few booklets returned among the rubbish and the option to print some pages at home was also well received. Therefore, we are offering several options again this year:


Want to flip through the booklet before the festival? Here is the booklet, full size and with all his pictures and colour:

Are you on the festival grounds and reading on your mobile? Then it's best to go for the versions below. These files are smaller, so load faster and you consume less internet:

These versions can easily be downloaded and saved to your phone.

At the info stand

Of course we don't forget about the group of people that takes care of their program and likes to save it after the festival. The info stand has a limited amount of programs available for half a token. The proceeds of these will be used to cover the extra costs for use of recycled paper.

Print what you need

Do you prefer not to read the information on your phone, but do you only need some of the information in the booklet? We get that! When you visit Castlefest on one day, for example, you would like to know the programme schedule for that day, but the time tables for the other days are not relevant.

That's why we also have print-friendly versions of our programme booklet available. These stripped-down versions contain little colour and images. So you can print exactly the pages you want at home without wasting ink on embellishments.
(And be honest: surely it's neat to colour in your own time schedule?)

The printable Dutch version here (spreads), en here (pages).

The printable English version hier (spreads), en here (pages).

A separate map

Last but not least, here is the map as a single image for printing and/or saving on your phone.

  • Click here for the Dutch version (colorful)
  • Click here for the English version (colorful)
  • Click here for the Dutch version for print
  • Click here for the English version for print

Offering our programme booklets like this is one of the ways we try to improve our impact on the environment. We are part of the Green Deal Circular Festivals to share knowledge and experiences with other festivals. You can read more about this initiative in our blog

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