Castlefest Home Edition: Friday

What a wonderful first day of the Castlefest Home Edition! Below you find the live stream and information of the acts you see today and how you can support them:


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Note from PerKelt: due to unfortunate difficulties out of our hands the t-shirts currently don’t show up in the PerKelt webstore and we can’t fix it right now… But everything else is there, so please have a visit anyway 🙂 And if you want the t-shirt just drop us a message! Thank you, PerKelt ❤


Castlefest korting: 20% de hele maand augustus in


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De Sprookspreker

You can find de Sprookspreker on Facebook:

The Royal Spuds

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Via you can show them some love by giving a donation for their show.

Ye Banished Privateers

Help save the pirates by making a small donation:

Hats 'n Dreads

Do you want awesome wool dreads like Femke in our live stream?

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