Creatures of Castlefest: Gabrielle

In Creatures of Castlefest we want to put the wondrous creatures, that are part of the world of Castlefest, in the spotlight. From visitor to entertainer, from exhibitor to volunteer. What moves them and which role does Castlefest play in their lives? This week: Gabrielle of Gabslichthuis.

It’s been eight years since a family friend, who is an entertainer at this festival, asked me and my family to join him to Castlefest. From the moment I set my foot onto the grounds of this festival, I was in love with it. The atmosphere, the way the people live together, I have never seen anything like it. A little while late I joined the Heathen Gang. 

De shell that I wear around my neck is a symbol for my function at the Wicker Ritual this weekend. It is such an honour for me to represent the water element during the ceremony. It is one of the many special rituals and elements that might be normal in daily live, that happen without even having a second thought about it. But if you ask me, those steps here make us all closer. 

Sometimes people refer to this festival as a hug and hippie festival. It is. I won’t deny it. We greet each other as if we are family and we care so much about each other. And nothing ever goes wrong, I hear you think? No, of course it does. Of course we aren’t always happy, but whenever there is something wrong we talk about it. We solve our problems together and we always make sure we are at peace with each other at the end of the day.

Since roughly three years I am in charge of the Heathen Gang and in those years I have grown into some sort of mother to the group. The group itself has grown from a village to a family. I call them my family and whenever we put up our tents here it feels like coming home. Every year I feel so blessed to be here again.

This article has previously been published on the Creatures of Castlefest Facebook page.
Article by: Janouk Vermaas
Photo by: Marielle de Vries

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