Exhibitor: Overthemoon

2020 was a challenging year for us. We couldn't organise beautiful events for you, which caused financial impact as well. Therefore we were deeply touched when some exhibitors decided to donate their exhibitor fee. To return the favour we would like to celebrate them and their work by introducing their products to you.

Today we'd like you to meet Overthemoon:

My name is Joana and I have been attending many different markets with my stall with handmade clothes for seven years now. Before that I lived abroad for six years, where I also owned a shop in the last two years. Back in the Netherlands I picked up the thread again, I changed its name and that is how Overthemoon was born. The first year I attended various smaller events to see how that worked for me. A year later it was time for the next step: I was at Castlefest with Overthemoon for the first time. I was placed without being on the waiting list and I am still very grateful to Vana for that. As a result, I gained more brand awareness, I was able to build a regular clientele and what was most important to me: I feel at home there. I already attended as a visitor in 2002, but I never thought that I would be there one day as an exhibitor.

I mainly work on assignment. A size more, a size less, a bit taller or a bit shorter? I adjust each model and I am working on it seven days a week. I do this with great pleasure because it is and will always be my hobby! Because of that hobby I met a lot of lovely people and quite often experienced funny or sweet things. At some point somebody even pulled on my dress, because they thought I was a mannequin. They were shocked when the mannequin started talking... 

I hope to see everyone again in the summer of 2021!

Check out the products of Overthemoon here.

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