Exhibitor: Zielenklanken

2020 was a challenging year for us. We couldn't organise beautiful events for you, which caused financial impact as well. Therefore we were deeply touched when some exhibitors decided to donate their exhibitor fee. To return the favour we would like to celebrate them and their work by introducing their products to you.

Today we'd like you to meet Zielenklanken:

I am Rob, full-time entrepreneur. Self-employed in ICT since 2007. Because I sometimes am in between assignments, I have implemented several hobbies in my entrepreneurship. I am addicted to sounds. I have always been drawn to singing bowls. Singing bowls choose us, not the other way around. My first singing bowl, I was very moved by it, I had to buy it. Later I collected so many that I went to Yoga schools to give sound concerts there. Later still I also started selling singing bowls myself; more and more instruments were added. But they had to be instruments that you could play from your feelings, or from your soul. That's how I came up with the company name Zielenklanken (Soul Sounds). I started selling wind chimes such as Koshi's and Zaphir's in 2009. Later, more and more musical instruments were added that can be played without much practice, just by feeling, such as shaman drums, singing bowls, etc. I am really addicted to sounds.

Together with my daughter Sasha, I have had a booth at Castlefest since 2015. I ended up here because of Sasha. My daughter is a goldsmith, together with two of her friends she manages the booth and they also sell their homemade jewellery. You can find their work in my booth and on the website

In 2017 or 2018, I had a funny instrument called Kazoo in my booth. I sold them for one euro I believe. Suddenly, they flew out from one moment to the next. There was a concert of Prima Nocta, I suddenly heard the singer say, "Let's all participate together! This song is special for everyone with a Kazoo!" I had a great laugh, those were my Kazoos. Later I also started selling stones and all kinds of things that I thought the Castlefest visitors would like.

Castefest is always kind of a warm blanket for me. In the early days, I always wanted to be a roadie, touring with a rock band: building up, breaking down, lugging flight cases up and down a ramp. I did that for a while at Parkpop as a volunteer. It didn't work out, roadie, but Castlefest makes up for that experience. Like the time it had rained heavily, there was a deep pool right in front of my booth. I asked the Castlefest organization if something could be done about it. Moments later, a few volunteers just came up with a ramp. Problem solved. That's why I love to come there, always kudos to the volunteers.

More about Zielenklanken and their wide range of musical instruments can be found at:

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