Castlefest 2022 Program booklet

We proudly present the program booklet of Castlefest 2022. Here you'll find a map of the festival grounds, the time tables, catering and exhibitors that will be present this year. To be able to share as much information with you as possible, we have a Dutch version and an English version (just like in 2019).

Three versions of the same program 

We feel it's important as a festival to minimize our footprint as much as possible. Together with you, we've thanked Mother Earth many times for what she gives you and look for ways to respect and thank her. Every year we evaluate how we can improve in terms of sustainability and lessen our waste flows. 

While cleaning the grounds during and after the festival, we see many programs - both dropped on the floor and in our trash cans. It made us realise that many people view the paper booklets as a disposable item. To lessen the amount of discarded paper and keep our festival grounds clean, we offer three options this year: 


First of all, you can find the program among our publications on Issuu. Issuu is a platform on which you browse to magazines and booklets. Issuu also has an app, which makes browsing the program on your phone a breeze (without needing internet). 

You can find the Dutch program here: Issuu in het Nederlands
The English program is here: Issuu in English

Using Issuu takes up less storage on your phone. If Issuu doesn't work on your phone, you can view the Dutch and English versions here as well.

Print what you need

We understand not everyone is fond of looking on their phone. On the other hand, not all the information in our booklets may be of use. When visiting Castlefest for one day, you'll want the time schedule for that day - the tables of the other days may be redundant for you. 

That is why we now have a printable version available in both languages. This is a dressed-down version with few colours and no elaborate backgrounds. This way, you can print the pages you want without your ink being spent on some decorations. (And be honest: Isn't it neat to be able to colour in the items on the timetable that you don't want to miss?)

The printable Dutch versionhere (spreads) and here (pages).

The printable English version: here (spreads) and here (pages).

At the info stand

Of course we don't forget about the group of people that takes care of their program and likes to save it after the festival. The info stand has a limited amount of programs available for half a token. The proceeds of these will be used to cover the extra costs for use of recycled paper.

A separate map

Additionally, we offer the map as a single image for printing and/or saving on your phone.

  • Click here for the Dutch version
  • Click here for the English version
  • Click here for the Dutch version with little color
  • Click here for the English version with little color

This year, we also joined the Green Deal Circular Festival movement. This movement consists of a group of festivals that strive to organise circular events.On Friday, August 5th, there will pay more attention to this in the Castlefest Academy. You can find the program here

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