Exhibitor: EarCatchers

2020 was a challenging year for us. We couldn't organise beautiful events for you, which caused financial impact as well. Therefore we were deeply touched when some exhibitors decided to donate their exhibitor fee. To return the favour we would like to celebrate them and their work by introducing their products to you.

Today we'd like you to meet EarCatchers:

EarCatchers: an (un) reality that got out of hand

It was the New Year's resolution of 2011. On January 1, the idea popped into my head. It flew in like an arrow and didn’t want to come out again. It continued to grow there, lead a life of its own and gave me no rest. It had to happen! Just like you suddenly have to eat a whole box of chocolate, do you know that feeling? It was exactly like that. It was harder to ignore it than it was to act on it. And so I finally gave in and EarCatchers came to life:

EarCatchers are earrings for which you do not need pierced ears, since the jewelry does not go through the ear. They are handmade design models of ear cuffs, ear wraps and ear climbers. The materials have been carefully selected: 925 sterling silver, gold plated silver (with a 3 micron layer 24K) and rhodinated sterling silver. Only materials that don’t cause allergic reactions. This is very important to us, but from the feedback we get, it is also very important to our customers. The reactions are sometimes overwhelming, something that we could not foresee. Happy people who were unable or did not want to wear earrings because of allergies, incorrectly pierced ears, a torn or mutilated earlobe or pinna. In EarCatchers they find the possibility to finally decorate their ears now. We’ve received so many positive reactions about it. That makes us feel so good and it reassures us that the New Year's resolution was a good one. It was meant to be.

EarCatchers are ear and breathtaking creations by talented artists and craftsmen with whom we share the passion, work together and hope together to convey a piece of happiness. Yes, luck. That's what our market stall at Castlefest sells. And a little bit of happiness, a "Yes!" look in the eyes. Because without this "Yes" in your eyes, you will not get the model. In that case we will keep looking and checking out other models, and even if this means you will be with us all day, we’ll keep going until your eyes shine and the mirror makes your smile appear. Due to the many conversations with you, we now also work with materials such as copper and bronze for models who long for a different colour, atmosphere, theme or occasion. An extension of colour, bead and gem to multiple worlds. We could not have let it come this far without Castlefest. Because at Castlefest, ideas come together. And at Castlefest they will return and hopefully sometimes as EarCatchers.

Since that very first "arrow" on January 1, 2011, it took a long time to be part of one of the most remarkable festivals. At this festival there is only one factor for "success", and that factor is the people that are there. The people who make Castlefest (un) real. The people who organise Castlefest and the people who visit Castlefest. Yes, you… You keep us at Castlefest and you keep us wanting to come back. Your conversations, your goodness, your openness, your wishes and dreams, your you. And even if we get our heads out of the clouds, and start speaking with facts and figures, we will add a little bit of reality (in which you also play a role): if we manage to bring more than 40,000 people together without huge rows in front of the toilets and papers and cups on the floor, then you've made everyone's dream come true. Then you (yes, you) have eliminated two ghost-killing demons and the ghost of Castlefest can warm all those 40,000+ hearts. An entire weekend. Until the next edition. We fell in love with that. For seven years already.

Come and have a look at our (web) shop! EarCatchers are just like Castlefest: breathtaking, not always the cheapest but well worth every penny. You will get an unforgettable experience and a lot of luck. And if you can’t find a "Yes" model to make you smile in front of the mirror, we always have liquorice for you 😊

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