Vana Grimoire: Leather pouch

At Castlefest you see the most wonderful people. Everyone is beautiful outfits in which they feel comfortable. Yet many historic trousers and wide skirts have a drawback: they have no pockets!
Luckily, you can easily make your own pouch to go with your outfit. That way, you can keep your festival coins close at hand and store them in style. In this blog, you'll read how to make one yourself.

What do you need?

  • Fabric: leather, fake leather or another sturdy fabric.
    The pouch from this blog was made from an old bag.
  • Scissors
  • Hammer and nail or a cutting tool
  • Drawstring: for example a (leather) lace, string or rope

This is how you make a pouch:

  1. First, lay the fabric flat on the ground.
  2. Draw a circle on the fabric. We used a dinner plate with a diameter of 28 cm to trace the shape.
    Cut out the circle.
    Mark the holes for the drawstring 2 cm from the edge. The more holes, the better the pouch will stay closed. The example has 16 holes.
    Make the holes in the fabric. When using leather and similar materials, you can do this by hammering a nail through the fabric with a hammer.
    Are you using thinner fabric*? Strengthen it first, for example with metal eyelets.
    Thread the cord through the holes. Pull the cord and push the pouch into the right shape.

* If you are using a thinner fabric that will fray you will need to hem the outer edge of the fabric before placing eyelets.

Is all this crafting not quite your thing? Just take some extra time to browse around the market and our own merchandise stall during the next Castlefest edition. Several merchants offer the most beautiful pouches and bags. At our own merchandise stall, you will always find handmade leather pouches with Castlefest logo in addition to the merchandise with annual designs.

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