Vana Grimoire: Wickers through the ages, 2018 - now

The Wicker Ritual is integrated into an essential part of Castlefest. In our Vana Grimoire: What is a Wicker? we’ll tell you more about it.

Since the first Ritual in 2007, the Wicker has taken many shapes. Each of them with their own strength and meaning. Below you’ll find the Wickers of 2007 to 2017 and their accompanying text. These are Pathfinder, Wolf, Griffin and Bear.
They are listed below from newest to oldest.

De Wickers from 2007 to 2017 can be found in this blog.

2023: Wicker the Mother of the Ancestors

Design by: Jeroen Overwijn

This year we meet the Wicker as the Mother of the Ancestors. She embodies the triad in nature that, when looking closely, can be seen all around you. Three is a magical number, it provides balance in a world that seems to be moving faster and faster. As a result, we risk losing sight of where we come from. Without the past, there is no present and no future.

The wisdom of our ancestors leads you to your greater potential. From the womb, new life, purpose, and matter arise. The mother is the origin, the source, the matriarch of matter. Your path begins on a path that has been walked many times before you. The experiences of your ancestors give you the opportunity to step into your power and grow. From this path, you can explore new routes, discover your own creativity, and develop your own identity in this world. The connection with your ancestors is important. Without birth, there is no life and no death.

Manifest in the power of matter. Be brave and step out of your comfort zone. Embrace the unknown. Embark on a journey to find yourself. But don't forget to listen to your inner thoughts and soul. Without body, there is no mind and no spirit.

The Mother of the Ancestors embodies the three phases of life. She is the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. By bringing the wisdom of the past into the present and future, she invites you to discover and grow. She gives you past, present, and future. She gives you birth, life, and death. She gives you body, mind, and spirit. Feel which phase calls to you the most and experience the connected magical triad of the Mother of the Ancestors.

2022: Wicker Warrior Spirits

Design by: Jeroen Overwijn

This year we will meet the Wickerman as a pair of horses. They are fierce, wild, but wise. Together in the herd, there is friendship for life and love to carry each other. After Mother Bear had awakened last year and encouraged us to enjoy life again, it is now time to feel the energy of the horse.

Horses have a deep primordial soul. With their roots in both the physical and invisible world, their knowledge exceeds both worlds. In the middle the spirit of life arises, showing you that you can be loyal to yourself, your intuition and inner strength. Strength to fight down obstacles and overcome barriers and strength to show and receive love within the herd.

The horses invite you to explore: follow new roads and experience space, playfulness and the primal force of freedom. Start small, feel their energy: you are loved, have faith in what you’re doing. Does your path feel unknown and scary? The herd is here for you. Experience their love: that too is strength. Let yourself be carried, feel each other’s warmth. Through friendship and love for each other you will find your way back to the ancient spirit.

The horses will let you ride the waves of life. Their energy will give you the strength to let the waves carry you, to be the waves that wildly choose their own path or to be a tower of strength for the herd within those wild waves. Will you ride along?

2021: Wicker Mother Bear

Design by: Jeroen Overwijn

This year we will meet the Wickerman as Mother Bear. With her immense primal power and courage, she is the protector of the woods, the fields and the mountains. She protects her little ones and family with power, passion and love. We learned in recent times that life can be complicated and challenging. The Griffin of last year taught us to accept these challenges with persuasion and bravery. He gave us the strength to overcome these times. Now it is time for the energy of the Bear.

The Bear has her cycle of withdrawal and staying close to yourself and waking up again full power and passion. She gives us grounding, deep in the earth. Stand still, rest and take a moment for yourself. The insights you need will then reveal themselves, so you can reach your core. Don’t walk away from your feelings, be open to a deeper self and listen to what you have to say to yourself. Let yourself be guided by your inner words. Find your own truth and speak that truth. Don’t let yourself be stopped, release that primal power and roar!

The sleepster awakens. The time to be small is over: take your leadership, be fearless and shine. Enjoy life like only a bear can do. Eat, play, laze and laugh until the tears are rolling down your cheeks. Feel her softness and strength at the same time and see the sun shine through the shadows.

It is time. Time for the energy of the Bear.

2020: Wicker Griffin

Design by: Jeroen Overwijn

This year, the Wickerman comes to us in the shape of a griffin. The griffin’s energy provides strength and understanding to conquer life’s challenges.

Last year, we met the Wolf, who taught us to thrive while finding the balance between yourself as an individual and your surroundings, the pack. The world has changed in the meantime. Especially our connection to the pack is what keeps us going during these trying times. The abiding griffin represents strength, magic and determination: We don’t give in. The griffin unites the elements of both eagle and lion.

Where the lion represents courage, balance and a positive belief in all that may come, the eagle lets you soar to the greatest heights, brings messages from the upper world and symbolises harmony and invincibility. This way the griffin connects everyday activities to higher powers: the ability to live both powerful and restrained.

The griffin gives us the strength to overcome this situation together. As Keeper of treasure and wealth, he protects our most prized possession: our togetherness, our pack.

Let us follow the griffin and face the future courageously and filled with powerful belief. So we can soon celebrate and share his energy together.

2019: Wicker Wolf

Design by: Jeroen Overwijn

This year the Wickerman comes to us shaped like a wolf. The wolf’s energy is like a circle, in which your base, your loved ones and yourself as an individual are in an equal balance.

The wolf gives you freedom and strength to develop yourself, without losing the importance of the circle, or losing yourself in the circle. The wolf stands in his power as an individual, because of the unity of the larger whole: the pack.

The wolf is strongly connected to the sun and the moon. The spirit and energy of the sun are reflected by the moon and give us deeper insights, in which emotions are brought to light.

He gives us intuitive power, a deeper knowledge of the past, present and future, which together form a trinity in the year 2019.

Let your voice be heard and howl with the wolf. The strength of the wolf teaches you the balance between showing your teeth and serving the pack, the circle. Look into the shadows when they are slowly but surely illuminated by the moon and feel the energy.

The energy of loyalty, strength and love, a perfect balance for yourself and your loved ones.

2018: Wicker Pathfinder

Design by: Jeroen Overwijn

Last year our Wickerman symbolised a new beginning, new paths to wander upon.

This year the Wickerman will embody a shaman. This Pathfinder will guide and support us with his wisdom, courage and strength. That is how we will find new paths.

A journey to our deepest desires. A journey to the wonders that await us. The Pathfinder helps you to reveal your path. Be open to new adventures and passion: your destiny. The Pathfinder's energy will give us the strength and faith to take off our blindfolds and take the first step.

Are you ready for the journey?

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