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Ge Ansems

Ge Ansems began his career as an actor. During this time he was connected with the district newspaper Transvaal. He was chief editor and wrote story’s for children during these days’ In 1975 he started working as a journalist for “Het Vaderland” in The Hague., later he worked as an editor for the monthly magazine “Kinderen” and began working for “Het Binnenhof”.

He has always been a very active poët and writer and published his work in several magazine and books. In 1996 his work was published in the anthology “12 pareltjes” and in 2003 his own bouquet “Glooiing in het Laagland” saw the light of day. In the following years several of his poems were published in poetry anthology’s. Until the present day! He even has his own show, called the Slangfluit. In the eighty’s he even worked with the Dutch Tv station on a radio play adaption of Tolkiens The Hobbit.

In 2006 his first novel was published, “Dikke Tot en de Geinkwezels”.

Macc has published several books from ge, Among these books are two Dikke Tot novels and the first part of the Castlefest Chronicles, a fantasy story that takes place on Castlefest, of which he is the spiritual father.

Ge Ansems stands out because of his humanistic and inventive style, but his latest publication prove he has a very sensitive side too. The very moving story “Zieleneiland” proves writing is an art and ge Ansems is one of the best in this art. Something he demonstrates with his newest poetry Gemist Theater.

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