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Our market is once again packed with the most unusual, beautiful and delicious products. Below you can see which merchants you can find at Castlefest this year and what they will bring.

Please note! On Thursday, only part of the festival grounds is open. You won't be able to visit all of them then. From Friday to Sunday, the whole market is open.

MerchantWhat are they selling?
A Lot of Rosiestained glass/tiffany style combined with natural elements
AardemagieTribal Earth Lifestyle Shop
AlexKuijpersComicsselfmade illustrations on t-shirts, pillows and more
Alohomorajewelry, gothic clothing, accessories and music
Amber Wolf Workshopviking jewelry, horns, skulls, furs
Ananda Naturmodenatural clothes to express your inner bliss
Annemiek Symboliekoriginal, hand-forged silver, gold and copper jewelry
Arrr Fantasyclothing, armor, larp weapons, made-to-measure leatherwork
Art and Tech VoFHandmade interactive art, costumes and accessories
Artemis Fantasyselfmade historical and fantasy costumes, accessories and materials
Artisaenself-made leatherwork
Atelier Petit PapillonRomantic creations with butterflies & fairy-like illustrations
Atelier Terra Nostrajewelry, gemstones, pagan products
Avothea/Feniks & Cojewels, armor, larp weapons, helmets, crowns,
Awkalunaunique handmade fantasy jewelry with magical stones
Ayame Designshandcrafted gothic and fantasy inspired jewelry and accessories
Baba Yaga - les Choses Curieusesmedieval fantasy curiosity cabinet
Belo Mundohandmade fair trade accessories, jewelry and clothing from natural materials
Bepstylehats. dog wear
Black Oak Smederijhandmade forgings, from jewelry to tools
Black PlanetVictorian and Steampunk clothing
Black Velvet GownsHeadpieces, Tiaras, jewellery, gala clothing for women and children
Bohemia Beautyhistorical glass replicas , ceramic mugs, jewelry, sheepskins, wooden boxes
Britt - Fine Art and Designhandmade jewelry inspired by Celts & Vikings
ByLordbuckles, belts, bags, jewellery, crowns
Cathinca van SprundelMythical and fairytale Fantasy books for readers of all ages
Celtic Rosewomen's and children's clothing based on nature, fairy tales and Celtic culture
Celtic Worldkilts with accessories, celtic jewelry, musical instruments, CDs
Celtica PublishingCeltica Publishing, where fantasy becomes reality
City Sheep Natureself-designed animal-friendly vegan wool collars
CornibusProducts made of horn
Crazy Rathandmade leather and fabric products
Custom Costumeshandmade costume horns and faux fur ears and tails
De Dansende Jakself designed clothing and bags
De Godin in Jezelfcolourful imaginative clothing
De Jess Compagniespecial unique clothes and bum bags
De Kattenketelunique items for everyone who loves fantasy, games and cats
De Polderkolherbs and herbal products
Des Chausses et des Choseshandmade shoes, boots, leather bags
Dino Jewellerysilver and stainless steel jewelry
Drachenheimfor all your Viking re-enactment products
Dreams BarcelonaHand Made Hair Jewels
DroomfonteinMedieval, hippie and fantasy clothing
EarthApple Creationshoods, BigHugs, mittens, armwarmers & Pride stuff
EarthField Creationsjewelry from natural materials
Echtleerleather, skins and furs
Edles Geschmeidehandmade woodcarvings, silver, gold and stones
Eleofloraherbs and natural products
Elfeboutiquefantasy, medieval, elf clothing and accessories
Elsierawooden and mechanical watches, jewelry, steampunk
Etain Scellehandmade hats, jewelry, Pagan shaman accessories
Eternal-Designsunique, handmade leather creations including masks
Fabionlarge collection of fantasy swords
Faeries and Entsindependent comics and books in various fantasy settings
Faery Goodsfairy houses, doors and accessories for fairy gardens
Fairylandmedieval clothing, Celtic jewelry, games
Fantasy En'Counterthe source for roleplaying games, board games and more
Fantasy Giftshopspecialized in gothic, fantasy and alternative giftware
Feathers van RavenHandmade feather earrings and feather hair ornaments
Flora & Mycenafairytale light objects such as mushroom lamps
Freya Dorota Talikviking/medieval camping gear
Fuenteroyoshandmade didgeridoos, bowls, pendants, berber jewelry
Games-n-StuffLARP, board games and other hobby related items
Godijn Publishingfantasy books
Green-ManGothic, Celtic and Fantasy garden statues
Grimoires et Compagniemedieval leather grimoires and book bags
Groep Gabscast pewter badges, make a fire in a historical way and more
Grumpy Geekshandprinted tshirts for Tolkien, RPG and Lovecraft fans
Halis Logoonchildhood fantasy for ages 10 years old to immortal
Hannie's Hakhoningartisanal chopped honey, honey, propolis and beeswax products
Hats 'n Dreadswoolen dreads, braid-in service
Hebbus & Noggusgoa, medieval, ethnic for all sizes
Heksighandmade magical products
Het Kruidenheksjeessential oils, herbs (products) from our own garden
Het LabyrinthRitual artifacts
Hollow-Moon-Artunique handmade fantasy products, art and more
Houtspelmaatwerk/Creatures of Colourface & bodypaint, special FX, hairfeathers, temporary tattoos,
Indovleermuisjeself-designed clothing
Jack Of Dice & The Queen Ringdice, role-playing games & accessories, chain mail
Jacklyn Hydehandmade leather goods – Steampunk, Fantasy, Cosplay
Jeracrafthand-written rice grain jewelry and more
Juggelin Sun Childrenjuggeling toys, funky clothing, jewelry and leather
K.G. Jachhandmade historically inspired clothing
Kapitein KleerhaakHandmade costumes and accessories
Kiltshop Steve the Bagpipe PlayerAll products for Scottish and Celtic outfit
Kleurwilgall kinds of magical products
Kolderieke Maliënhandmade jewelry and accessories from chainmail
Kolonialwarensteampunk, nautic, fantasy
Kovex-Arsre-enactment weapons, armor and accessories
Larpcenterlarp weapons, leather products and accessories
Le Chevalier Thibaultmedieval clothing and accessories for women, men and children
Lila Pixiecolourful and natural clothing with a story
Loeff Bureau Creativehandmade leather, paper, ceramic and wooden products
Loeroshandmade hats, bags and skins
Loesje Handelskins, skulls and stuffed animals
Magic Withinoriginal, homemade, fantastic and magical creatures
Magical Giftsspecialised in Disney merchandise
Mate Amargosilver jewelry
MeavesEsoteric and Celtic products
Melief Animal Sanctuarypermanent shelter for animals in need
Mineralzgems, minerals, jewelry, wind chimes
Mitearfantasy rings for women, men and children
Moira Natuurvrouw100% organic care products
MR Leather Designhandmade leather products such as collars, leashes and fantasy products
Muse SuiteFantasy Jewelry and Accessories.
MytholonLARP supplies
Nimisa Publishingcooperative of authors who can exercise their freedom within this publishing house
Nomad Artbows and accessories
Ocarinas Arpad Takacsocarinas, clay whistles
Overthemoonfashionhandmade fantasy clothing in a cheerful style
Pagan Waysexclusive Celtic, medieval, fantasy clothing
Paolo Aghemohandcrafted leather notebooks, leather masks, calligraphy goods
Pera Perismedieval style jewelry and more
Queen in BlackGothic clothing of original design and made by hand
Rasa Creationshemp clothing, sandals, colorful clothing
Rosies Art /Catalyst Styling and designSelf-designed handmade Post Apocalyptic clothing and accessories
Rumah Senangmassage and other treatments
Salem's Fantasy GiftsNyform trolls from Norway, jewelry, Balinese walking sticks
Seidi-Clothingclothing made from recycled materials, jewelry, patches and more
Shewolfgoddess statues with several themes
Sigil StoneRustic and unique jewellery, made with different metals and natural stones
Sjeintje Boterkoekself-imported in/outdoor products from Great Britain and Ireland
Skapafabrics, yarns, handicrafts and clothing
Sophia Drenthbooks and bookrelated goodies
Speelbolwooden toys, fantasy figures, Alpacas
Spingodinhand-dyed luxury knitting yarn, spinning wool and other woolly products
Spirits & BeingsFairytale artprints / magic for your home
Spooky Stuffhandmade home decoration with a dark edge
Spooky Stuffhandmade home decoration with a dark edge
SrilaksmiOriental decorations and Indian and Nepalese clothing
Stixandstoneshandmade leather bracelets, bags and belts
Studio FADEhandmade products of leather, ceramics, glass and metal
Sylvia Strijk Artistprints, stickers, bags, enamel pins with your own designs
Symboli-Kjewelry creations made of natural materials
Tal's Artwood carving, wood burning, painted wood, glass engraving
Territoire Sombrehanging gardens
The Black Mantis Tattoo & Piercingtattoos and piercings
The Chocolate Boxhandmade fantasy clothing, capes and accessories
The Coloured HouseThe Mountain T-shirts, statues & gift items
The Native Dutch Clanincense, tapestry, jewellery, tarot and more
The Violet Cauldronalternative, magical and spiritual gifts and collectables
Thomas Olde HeuveltAuteur
Time TravellerMechanical bugs, post-apo wear and more
Ton in Tonmusical instruments
Trade Mark Den Haagthe most delicious dried meat & dried fruit
Triskal Wellness & Art shophandmade leather products, clothing, incense, wellness products
Trollartshoulder dragons, dragons, leather goods, jewellery, cosplay and more
True the Eye of Awarenessbeautiful original clothing designs
Trukadounique collection of bags, accessories and curiosities
Uitgeverij Luitingh-SijthoffAdrian Stone signs the limited edition of his Devil trilogy. Limited stock
Uitgeverij MaccScience Fiction, Fantasy and Horror books
Uitgeverij Versabooks and illustrations
Uitgeverij ZilverspoorWe are the publisher of fantasy, science fiction, horror and young adult books
V.O.F. Painted Cavejewelry, hats, beanies, cloth bags, scarves
Vagabond SyndromeTalismanic copper-plated jewelry with natural spirit
Viking Kristallreplicas of Viking and medieval jewellery
Vuorelta DesignHandmade headpieces and earcuffs
WaldfyrdChildren's toy made of wood and Viking reenactment
Wax Ateliercandles, incence & accessories
Willy van SantenLarp clothing, leather goods, tin buttons
WJH Textielsteel boned corsets and steampunk and gothic clothing
Wolfy & Jordywooden notebooks, horns, leather accessories
WonderdelenU-gears kits and handmade art
Woolfashionalternative summer clothes, wool ponchos, leather hats
Wortel & Cruydtartisanal herbal products (homemade), magic products, herbal books
Wrinckley and Magick Meadowshandmade OOAK fantasy dolls, elves, art work and more
Yneo Stonesgemstones, minerals, incense and more
Ypermanfantasypaintshomemade and unique fantasy paintings
Zielenklankenmusical instruments such as singing bowls, incense, stones, statues
Zwaard en VolkMedieval clothing, shoes, utensils, and sword fighting items

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