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Annemiek Steur

Annemiek Steur (1996) is the author of the magical world of Sjen’na. She grew up in Drenthe (Netherlands) and has traveled a lot during her lifetime. To Leiden to study Chinastudies and Asianstudies and to China to use Chinese in practice. “Vitya Malonti (2012) has been translated into Chinese and published by Broad Think Tank in 2019. The corresponding adventurous middle grade series “Jonas Dubelaar” currently counts 3 volumes. These hardcover beauties are suitable for teens and immortals alike. The production of these hardcovers also take readers with dyslexia into account, so that they may exerience reading as fun as well. Want to follow Annemiek? She is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. For a sample of her writings you can head to the author’s website.

2 August 2024

3 August 2024

4 August 2024


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