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Booze Brothers

Brewing celtic sounds with fat rock

The Booze Brothers, a surprising mix of punk, metal, rock and Irish traditional music. The band has been touring since 1999 and has tried out many formulas for brewing celtic sounds with fat rock. Electric guitars and heavy drums blend particularly well with fiddle, bodhràn, whistle and banjo. It feels like if “the Pogues” and “the Dubliners” had spent the night with “Therapy?” and “NOFX” and their illegitimate child would be “Booze Brothers”.

The brothers – and sisters- have been touring for more than twenty years on festivals and clubs around Europe, delivering raw power on stage… which is where the band can really express themselves and throw out their lyrics centred on humanity instead of capitalism, joy and anger instead of hate.

Their last album “Lemming Experience” released in 2019 demonstrates their original approach to the genre, but it’s with a whole new set of songs and tunes that they will appear at Castlefest this year, for their first ever gig in the Netherlands.

Photo by Mikaël Torren

1 August 2024
Village stage


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