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All your favorite songs from the Middle Ages

Datura plays all your favorite songs from the Middle Ages, even those you didn't even know existed. In four-part harmony, they sing about encounters with talking birds, naughty girls and unattainable loves, about the pagan Bacchus and Holy Mary, about magical harps and evil trolls. During Castlefest they can be found on stage and on the festival grounds where they give intimate acoustic shows.

Datura has been a welcome guest at many festivals and historical happenings throughout the Netherlands for more than ten years. You can't pull a medieval shard out of the ground, or they'll be there. In recent years their career has taken an international turn and they have traveled through Europe to perform their most beautiful music. Their repertoire includes songs from almost all countries of this continent, but hardly anyone understands the medieval languages in which they sing. Yet everyone understands them, because the language of music is universal. Therefore, on their travels they usually leave a trail of new friends behind them.

Meanwhile, Datura is busy releasing their third album. And this will not be just a music CD, but much more. Like medieval monks, they carefully devoted themselves to their task: they drew, painted and wrote. And now a book has actually been created! A book full of self-made art, backgrounds to the songs, texts about the Middle Ages, recipes, sheet music and personal stories. And of course the latest Datura songs! The whole process took five years. But now, in the late spring of 2023, they present their music book to the world.

With Datura it is always spring in the garden of Eden. These cheerful musicians are disarming, moving and full of dedication. Music is in the little things: a vibration, a glance, the silence.

Datura Medieval Music:

  • Nynke Glazema: viella, shawm and vocals
  • Tom Haage: spanish lute, flute and vocals F
  • rancesco Scafidi: davul, jew's harp, tambourine and vocals
  • Lies Sommer: harp, hurdy-gurdy, shawm and vocals

3 August 2023
Village stage

4 August 2023

5 August 2023

6 August 2023


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