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let yourself be enthralled by the mythic stories of princess Cesair

Ever since mankind learned how to speak, stories have been shared and passed down through generations. Legends gave birth to epic songs, and this manner of storytelling lies at the heart of Cesair's music. As a band, they aim to bring to life the epic tale of the eponymous Cesair, a mythological princess who is said to have sailed the oceans 5,000 years ago. They set to music the chapters of her story, captured by the words of many romantic souls. Their music incorporates the musical, spiritual and historical heritage of cultures from all around the Orient and Occident, creating a mixture of eastern sounds and rhythms and traditional as well as modern European folk music. They weave the ancient myths and legends of this earth into melodies, honouring the worlds of our ancestors by preserving that which should not be forgotten. Their songs, performed on a scala of traditional and modern instruments and sung in plentiful tongues, tell you the stories of forgone times, which carry you into a world of history and tradition, and reveal to you the riches those arcane tales hold. Dance, cry, listen and let yourself be enthralled by their mythic music.

In 2021, Cesair released their latest single "Aux Pieds Nus", a song which explores how it may sometimes takes a storm in order to hear the silence. In a time where our world is in a constant state of upheaval, we embrace the quiet by feeling sand beneath our bare feet, hearing the waves rushing towards us, and shedding tears for lives and loves lost. “Aux Pieds Nus” reflects this as it tells a tale of loss and grief; but also of a love that stretches beyond the boundaries of life. Even when we can no longer dance together, the earth will remember our footprints.

6 August 2022
Forest stage

7 August 2022
Meadow stage


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